Play.Connect.Grow for Autism-USA

Cultivating growth for Autistic Children by creating relationships

Play.Connect.Grow for Autism-USA

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Play.Connect.Grow. provides specialized video-based and in-person training that teaches parents and caregivers how to use developmental play therapy to interact with an autistic child more effectively. Our play therapy method boosts communication and improves the socialization of children on the autism spectrum. Play is the oldest and most effective form of social therapy. Every single person on Earth, whether they are autistic or not, has learned most of what they know about human interaction through play. We learn everything through play, from basic eye contact to making sophisticated compromises to true emotional connections. To truly play, you must connect to a loving and accepting place, where your only goal is to have fun with someone else. Play.Connect.Grow. has developed an innovative play therapy method to increase social interactions and verbal development for children with autism. Our online materials train you to implement our proven method and make autism parenting easier.


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