Dundas Naturopathic Centre

Marilyn May, B.P.H.E., N.D.

Dundas Naturopathic Centre

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Naturopathic Medicine is the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of illness and disease using the principals of Naturopathic medicine. We look at the person as a whole; mental emotional and physical.

We have been offering Naturopathic Medical care since 1987. As the first naturopathic medical clinic in the Hamilton – Dundas area we have served patients from Burlington, Ancaster, St. Catherines, Oakville, Toronto and other communities in Ontario. With three very experienced Doctors of Naturopathic Medicine we offer the full scope of naturopathic care. ┬áTogether we have sixty five years of patient care. As Naturopathic Physicians we have been active in the profession over the years.

Our practices include Homeopathy, Nutrition, Acupunture, Botanical Medicine, Intravenous Vitamin therapy research and Bowen Therapy within a Holistic approach. May your journey in health be successful.




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