Dr. Lorraine Caron, N.D.

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Dr. Lorraine Caron, N.D.

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Dr. Lorraine Caron, ND provides naturopathic care to adults and children. Whether you or your child are experiencing symptoms now or you simply want to know how to stay healthy, Dr. Caron can help you. She understands that you are not just a collection of body systems, but a whole being, and that wellness happens in your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self. This holistic vision is what distinguishes naturopathic medicine from the conventional medical system.

Dr. Caron offers natural, effective therapies to restore your body’s balance. She will ease you through the nutritional and lifestyle changes that will most benefit you. A typical first visit lasts an hour and a half, and most of that time is spent in listening to¬†you. Dr. Caron is professional, caring, and experienced at providing healthcare that integrates scientific knowledge with the healing power and wisdom of nature.



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