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The ability to recognize urgent and emergency conditions, the ability to competently perform respiratory, asthma, allergy and chest examination procedures, and the knowledge and ability to design and implement effective treatment plans. Naturopathic, Osteopathic, and Allopathic use Integrative Pulmonology to provide a needed blend of concepts as well as the practical “how to” information on patient management that is often neglected in other pulmonary practices. Physical examination, respiratory therapy, sleep studies, asthma, allergy testing, nutrition, botanical medicine, smoke cessation are used as a cohesive set of skills used. Integrative Pulmonary Practitioners help their patients overcome their respiratory problems while simultaneously promoting optimal health—wellness—by looking at the bigger picture of their overall health rather than simply focusing on “the problem.”

A pulmonologist, or pulmonary disease specialist, is a physician who possesses specialized knowledge and skill in the diagnosis and treatment of pulmonary (lung) conditions and diseases. Pulmonology is classified as an internal medicine subspecialty

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