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Ageonics Medical, PC

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Looking for a great healthcare center where your doctor treats you well and treats you right? Then, Ageonics Medical Center in New York City is your answer. If you’re bothered by occupation-related pain or discomfort, nervous disorder or a sports injury, then come check out our chiropractic services. With our chiropractic care, you can be rid of pain in your back, your neck, arms, legs and headaches. Our chiropractor, Dr. Jeffrey Jamieson, is an expert in making chiropractic adjustments with hardly any discomfort. Trained in massage therapy and chiropractic adjustments, he knows how to treat his patients without causing them pain. Our chiropractic care focuses on creating specialized treatment plans for those in pain. If you have other illnesses- then do consider our other departments which include nutrition, physical therapy, internal medicine, and cosmetic procedures. To learn more about us and to book your appointment, please visit and



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