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A Mindfulness Life Center-AZ

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Mindfulness meditation practice has been shown to yield quick and dramatic results for school children, parents, people in high-stress jobs, people living alone and those suffering from addictions, post-traumatic stress, depression and physical challenges.  Everyone, even those who may seem relatively content, can achieve higher levels of love, joy and success.

Mindfulness is a heightened, moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, words and actions. Because there is no judgment, this way of being cultivates self-acceptance, compassion and clear, conscious decision-making. While mindfulness does not remove life’s challenges, it does make it easier to respond to situations in a healthy, conscious manner.

The Benefits of Mindfulness…

Science is substantiating what mindfulness practitioners have been experiencing for centuries. Just two weeks of mindfulness practice can result in:

Stress reduction
Stronger immune system
Healthier eating
Ability to focus
Better brain function
Improved relationships
Staying present and available
More positive thoughts and emotions
Capacity to respond rather than react
Compassion for self and others


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